CHATGPT Top 10 AI Tools Like ChatGPT You Must Try in 2023

CHATGPT Top 10 AI Tools Like ChatGPT You Must Try in 2023

  • Mid Journey is an AI art tool that creates high definition and realistic art, including animals, people, and website designs.
  • Adobe’s new AI tool called Podcast is in beta and enhances audio by removing background noise and increasing microphone quality.
  • Nvidia Broadcast is a free AI tool that updates the user’s eyes to look at the camera, removes background noise, and removes backgrounds without using a green screen.
  • Codecademy is an interactive learning platform that teaches coding fundamentals with a full-stack development roadmap and integrates ChatGPT to help users learn.
  • DScript is an AI tool that creates captions for videos and allows users to edit them while editing the video simultaneously.
  • Notion AI is an AI tool integrated into note-taking that helps write blog posts and create bullet points for different ideas.


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